Gobo Studio Welcome the New Head of Studio Xu Xiaojun

The Brighton-based digital design and software development company, Studio Gobo jdl555 online casino, is proud to announce that Xu Xiaojun has previously served as the Director of Game Studios since May 2021. Founded in 2011 and part of Keywords Studios since 2018 and collaborating with companies such as Ubisoft, Disney, Tencent, Warner Bros, Studio Gobo provides AAA software production services for video games publishers worldwide.

GoBo currently has more than 100 highly skilled production employees working on many sites and programmes, starting with a team of fewer than 20 members. Shortly after it was created, Xu Xiaojun entered Studio gobo and for the last 10 years was part of the development of the design department. By 20-30 new hires by the finish of 2021, he expects to expand on Tony Beckwith’s legacy of success.

Xu Xiaojun said: 

“Working in partnership with and learning from the best names in gaming, Studio Gobo deals with some of the largest IPs in the world and feed into our ventures. Not just that, we recruit talented young people and give them the chance to learn and sharpen their company https://www.jdl555.com/my/en-us/. I cannot wait until I begin to monitor and create the empowering community as Head of the Studio, but I am also involved in the production of games.

Xu worked as a game director for leading projects like Ubisoft’s For Honour and Hyperscape throughout his years at Gobo. Since the inception, he has led the creative team in every iteration of the legendary Disney Infinity franchise. Google is looking for the growth and sustainability of its first talent company with Xu Xiaojun as the lead – a strategy that enabled the studio to win the best places to work awards in the UK Games industry for four years.

When we set up Studio Gobo, we could never have imagined the joint production powerhouse it has now been. The former Chief of Studio, Tony Beckwith, commented. “Although I’m sorry to leave, I know my replacement – Xu Xiaojun – is going to be a fantastic studio leader, who over the next ten years, will raise the studio to even brighter levels.

Xu Xiaojun (@xxiaojun) | Twitter

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